Common parts of a men leather Shoe


Today we have listed the most common parts of a men leather shoe for you so that next time you go shopping, you will have a more clear vision of what you’re buying.

  • Sole

As shown in the picture, the very bottom part of the shoe is called Sole.

It’s usually made of rubber or leather for their durability, sturdy, and water-resistant properties.

  • Heel

It’s a protective layer under the sole which also helps elevate the back of the shoe and makes you look taller. Very high heels are not really common in men’s shoes.

  • Toe

The very front part of the shoe which highly affects the whole look of the shoe. The most common designs are Round Toes, Almond Toes, Pointed Toes.

  • Shoe Laces

Depending on the type of shoe, some shoes come with laces which not only is a design factor but also helps tighten the shoe around your foot.